The Return of V

Retro revival is always in.

70’s rock fans had the return of Led Zepplin in 2007.

90’s prime time soap fans favor the return of 90210 and Melrose to tv.

Now 80’s sci fi geeks have the return of the classic V.  Beginning November 3 the lizards will have a whole new generation to horrify on ABC.  I still remember losing sleep over the alien baby Robin gave birth too buring the “Final Battle” miniseries that aired while I was about 9.  That green baby keep me up for a weak, just ask my father.

I have avoided as much of the detail surrounding the show as possible, I hate spoilers.  But I do know a few details.   Gone are the old cast, from the list of names no old roles are reprised in this incarnation of the series.  I will miss the likes of Marc Singer and Michael Ironside, but recasting those guys would only be appease the cult fans, they can accomplish that with a guest appearance.  If the show is successful I am sure you will see them trot all kinds of alumni infront of the camera to become food for the visitors.

The trailer hit the web recently and reviews of media outlets who have seen the piolot episode are nothing but positive, E gave it an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Check out the trailer for yourself.

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