Thank You Mr. President

Many people see former Presidents as no more than figure heads and goodwill ambassadors with power not exceeding that of the Queen of England a mere figure head herself.  But today the eyes of a little girl proved Former President Bill Clinton still has some power in the big block 455 engine of his.  The old boss headed off  to North Korea and bartered the release of imprisoned US journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee serving hard labor for 140 days since their sentencing for reporting news in the Communist Nation.

When I first heard the news about the reporters I must admitt I was not completely phased, thinking to myself that they should not have been putting themselves in the situation they themselves created.  But when the plane arrived in California and they departed to rejoin their family, my views changed when I saw the deeper effects their incarceration imposed on others.  When Lee’s daughter hugged her mom for the first time you could see the pain of 140 days without ones mother float away like doves on a Sunday morning.

I am not sure what Wild Bill did, but let’s start a legend that he wowed Kim Jong-il like he schmoozed the women of the 90’s out of their knickers.  McCain and a few GOP feel Clinton set a bad precedent by intervening in foreign affairs with North Korea, I think Lee’s daughter would disagree.

Again, Thank you President Clinton.

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