You Can Do That in Heaven

First we lost Jim Henson, then it was Mr. Rogers, and even Bozo the Clown and Captain Kangaroo.  Everyone knows those names from their childhood, but most if none have heard the name Les Lye.  If you look to your left I assure that you may know the face.

Les Lye died at the ripe old age of 84 this week in Canada where he resided and filmed his most famous role or roles on You Can’t Do That on Television which aired here in the US of A on the Nickelodeon Network.  Les played the sole adult role on the hit show that was ultimately the but of jokes and falling slime episode after episode.

My personal favorite was Lye’s portrayal of a firing squad general who wound up taking the bullet for his continued foolish mistake of being tricked into yelling “FIRE” while in line of the squad’s misplaced shots.

You will be missed.  Thanks for the laughs Les.

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