NIGERIAN SCHEMES V: Dr. McGilliscammer

The fifth installment of my favorite internet past time. Sorry for the absence, holidays were hectic.

LMR: Hello,
I am interested and would love to buy for a xmas gift to my wife.
Let me know if you have it.
Thanks you

Dr. Law elders

OWC: I do still have it.

LMR: hello dear,
Yes please i would love to purchase. I know my wife will like it. I am from Washington,i am located here in seattle.
how are you,i got ur message and i tried calling back ,later but it seems ur line was lil busy then.?
i am sorry i am little occupied now and i am not sure of when i can schedule to meet you,The gift is actually going to my wife for christmas. she is currently where she now works with in Al.
I will be paying you through PayPal or orionpay money order.
shipping tomorrow will be very much ok and i will be paying you the sum total of $1580 for the item and shipping cost using fedex,using ur paypal account and it works well as i will pay and you get a notification,then you make the shipment ok?
this is to ensure that u dont incure any loss in the course of shipping the item to my wife using a fast and reliable courier service like Fedex,DHL,UPS.
yes i deposit and you send immediately.
i need your paypal account detail to make this payment immediately and you will be getting a notification ok?
I have checked the UPS website and i found out it will cost a little close $60 to make shipping to there but you can use USPS as it will cost about $30 to $50.
I will be making u a payment of $1580 right now through paypal and you can ship it right away using Fedex,i am just hoping i can trust you.
if u would prefer a money order i could pay u using any reliable money order all i need is ur correct details to make the payment,i need your details for immediate payment so you can ship out immediately to her today and get me tracking number for shipment so i will be sure ok?
Mrs. R. elders
3502 highway 72
eastbrownsboro , Al 35741

Thank you once again
have a nice day,live healthy

Dr. Law elders

OWC: So your first email is signed Dr, are you a medical doctor or a PhD? Either way you would think your grammar would be a bit more convincing then that of a scam artist.

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4 responses to “NIGERIAN SCHEMES V: Dr. McGilliscammer

  • Dangerous Danny Davis

    LOLing @ Dr. McGilliscammer

  • Anna Willis

    Why you make fun of these people’s. You must be rasist. They not come into your job and insult you or disrupt your job. You should be ashamed of your self.


    • Obi Wan Canubi

      Wow, a racist defense. I am impressed you were so original in that comment I shall stop messing with conartists out of shame for my deeds.

      Learn to write.
      Learn to spell.
      Learn some grammar

      Then come back and try again, oh and your IP traces back to London a very popular location for 419 scammers to set up shop. Well and the grammar is a dead give away too.

      Are you the same jackass that tries to leave 2 dozen comments a day to buy prescriptions through the mail? I never approve them, why do you keep trying LOL! Moron.

  • Anna Willis

    No you are is rasist.

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