America has had some great champions:

Mary Lou defied the odds.

US Hockey conquered the unbeatables.

Rocky beat the big Russian in part IV.

But no champion has stood the test of time and beat the Mighty Japanese eating  machine Takeru Kobayashi who dominated the eating world for 6 straight years.

In 2007 they thought it was a fluke, in 2008 he flexed his jaw muscles, and now in 2009 Joey Chestnut as been crowned King.  There is now no question he is the Ultimate Eater.  This is what real competition is about.  Not some baseball game between over paid morons or a boring round of PGA golf… I think some guys may also be riding bikes through the hill of France.  The Nathan’s Hot Dog Challenge is where the excitement is at today, sadly it only lasts 10-minutes.

Rock on Joey Chestnut, you are an American Hero.

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