NIGERIAN SCHEMES III: Revenge of the Birthday Boy

Same as before, messing with the Nigerian Scam artists.

From joysmith joysmith4real@aol

JS: Hello seller i saw you item on the list and i will like to buy it and i want
to believe that it”s worth a gift that in present to a relative of mine.i live in the state, if this item of your”s is still available for sale,get back to me asap so that can proceed with the transaction and i want to believe that it is in good
joy smith……

OWC: I doubt you will even read this email. Instead you I assume you will just respond. So I will take this time to tell you I think your ass smells like a skunk pond.

JS: Thanks.i will not be able to pay cash,reason being that am busy at work nowadays”s,and i intended to come at your door to give you the cash and see the perfect working condition of the item…i will like to purchase this product because have been looking for this special product like this.Am in the state at the moment and i will like to ship it to my friend who lives abroad and will be celebrating his birth day in a few day”s and i will cover all the shipping expenses.. i will appreciate it, if you will kindly get back to me with some pics of what i will be buying so i can know the status of this item and will be glad if you will allow me to pay you through paypal and i will add the shipping cost to it so you will be able to ship it to it”s destination.However if you don’t have paypal account you can just log on to and set up an account it is free easy and secure to pay and receive money through get back to me asap.

OWC: I have paypal, feel free to pay me now. I already have your friends address in Nigeria, someone else would like to send my other computer as a wedding gift so you don’t have to give that to me.

Let’s talk soon.

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