Too Miss, or Not Too Miss: Michael Jackson

My first thought is my memories of my childhood loving the Thriller album, hoping for a red leather jacket and a lone white glove.  “Beat It” was an iconic hit, “Billie Jean” kicked off a dance craze, and “We Are the World” fed a nation.  Michael’s musical contributions are undeniable and his philanthropy was historic.

But were his recent legal troubles enough to raise question about his legacy.  Do we honor the musician and excuse his alleged violations, or does the acquittal wipe his past clean?  Some things were irrefutable, like dangling his son from a balcony, or his horrible self image seen through numerous plastic surgeries.  No question, Mike was odd, but was he a criminal?

I have mixed feeling about the subject.  While my first emotion was heartbreak, my next thought was of what the alleged victims may be feeling.  Their families obviously felt money was more important then their kids, or they were conmen making a mark of a rich star, so either way the parents’ of the kids have no say in the matter.

Kurt Cobain in a legend because of his death, were he still alive to day I think he would be about as relevant as Soundgarden.  While SG was a good band and Rusty Cage one of the greatest albums to come out of Seattle, they are no “rock god” like Nirvana and Cobain.  Death has a funny way of immortalizing and putting stars on pedestals.  Would Heath Ledger have won and Oscar, Golden Globe and several other awards and nominations for his role as the Joker?  I think the movie was nothing short of amazing, but Hollywood traditionally does not recognize comic book films as award worthy.  Case and point, the movie should have received a nod for Best Film and it was overlooked.

I won’t sit here and accuse Michael of any wrong doing, he is probably discussing his wrongs and rights with St. Peter as we speak and he now has to answer to a higher power then the US Court system.  One that does not care for money, we are all poor in heaven.  I hope he was innocent. I really do.  RIP Mike.

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