Shining of Maine

If you are a fan of Stephen King then you are saying, “the Shining was set in Colorado jackass.” Yes I know this, but I am telling you there is an Overlook in Maine, sans the mountains with a side of the Atlantic Coast. It may or may not be haunted, that is up for debate, and I may not have battled inner demons and tried off my family with an axe. But this week was one for the memories.

When we first arrived at the Bellevue by the Sea we noticed the parking lot was rather light, and I don’t mean well lit, light as in no cars, not one. We went inside to check in and the desk clerk let us know we were free to park in the most convenient spot we did not have to stick to our assigned space as there were no other guest in the 36-unit vacation condo complex. Your first thought to yourself might be, “well, let’s face it you are not really all alone, the desk lady or someone is there all night.” How wrong you would be with those insights, at 7pm the front desk lady calls it a night and the hotel is literally deserted with the exception of my wife, my son and I until 11 the next morning.

Now there were no ghost children in the hallways or rivers of blood filling the lobby, but a vacant hotel on the ocean can be as creepy as the IT novel I was reading again while in the hot tub. Night after night the cool creepy calm of the hotel would leave you with the willies… that is until the final night when the neighbors moved into the adjoining room. 35 empty rooms and the couple takes the room next door and proceeded to bang on the walls and cabinets all night. The one solace of our final horrible night was that our son picked up a new talent while at the Bellevue, high pitch prolonged screams and he started at 8am and continued until check-out at 10:30, oh sweet revenge how great it is to know thy name.

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