Today Dom DiMaggio Will Teach My Gram to Hit a Slider

Last month we lost Mark Fidrych all to early in a tragic accident. Early this morning Dom DiMaggio passed away in his home, he was 92 years old.

I never seen the guy play, and he spent his legacy over shadowed by his big brother Joe, but this guy was truly a great of the game. I don’t judge him for the 34 game hit streak or his 7 All-Star Game appearences, this guy is a favorite of mine for a different reason.

Back on June 16th of 1990 he was in the now defunct Ann & Hope of Topsfield where my grandmother worked. She seen him and asked him to sign a copy of the book he had just written, “Real Grass, Real Heroes” about the historic 1941 baseball season. Not only did he graciously sign it but the inscription said:

To Jamie, From your favorite Grammy and Dom Dimaggio. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I doubt many sports figures these days would take the time to inscribe a birthday present for a grandson. This is a woman who knew nothing about baseball but batted 1.000 in getting me the perfect presents. In her older years when she was a widow she gave me a birthday card with a 1979 George Brett card for a gift. George had since retired from baseball, but as a kid he was my favorite growing up. I asked he how she knew and she said, “I may not know baseball, but I listen when you talk, and I never forget.” The card had a giant kink in it and rounded corners, worth virtually nothing in a card shop, but priceless to me.

Thanks Grammy, Love you.

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