TV: Has Ghost Hunters Jumped the Shark?

Now let me start off with this, my DVR only records a few shows, and this is one of them. My wife and I haven’t missed an episode in four seasons, the only other show we watch with such religious conviction is Denis Leary’s Rescue Me.

The first episode had us hooked like strippers to heroin in the 80’s. It was a refreshing change from the obviously scripted dribble of Most Haunted. Now I won’t get carried away and say everything was perfect. The two Brians were painstakingly annoying though both eventually left with one to return only for a short stint and be sent off to GH International.

Being from New England it also made a hometown impact because being New Englanders themselves the TAPS team investigated many local haunts that had legends dating back to the playground dares of “you couldn’t sleep there one night”, “ah huh”, “na uh”… etc etc.

Recently the show has begun to erk me to no end. First, was the introduction of the K2 meeter, a device that supposedly detects a spirits energy as it draws near. Sorry, there is no proof this is anymore reliable then the lady with the dousing rods you axed for the early season.

Second, it is ok to say it’s a location is not haunted. Back in season 1 and 2 and parts of season 3 they had no issue questioning boarderline evidence and leaving personal experiences exactly that; now a good personal experience is all they need to declare a location haunted. They used to rely on debunking and trying every possible way to disprove claims of the paranormal, in recent episodes not so much. Recently they even used a swaying chain as evidence of spirit activity. They presented the video evidence to the owners who were equally surprised and baffled. But did everyone forget they were investigating a BOAT!

Thirdly, some investigation techniques have begun to be questionable. Once upon a time it was a golden rule, at least two investigators at all time, no question. Now a lone gunman is not all that out of the question. Let us not forget that in three prior seasons the voices caught were that of unheard EVPs, the audible voices picked up with human ears are beginning to be that of common occurrence. Not to mention sound fishy in nature.

In season past, prior to the reveal it used to be like watching the People’s Court and discussing how they would rule on the potential for a haunting. Now it seems they stray from calling an investigation haunted maybe once every 10 episodes, and even then it is caveats.

I love the show, but it reminds me of a time when cousin Oliver moved in with the Bradys’. I think TAPS is hearing taps in the near future if something doesn’t change quick.

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