I have a subscription to Sports Illustrated for one reason, I wanted the Hardcover Edition of the Celtics NBA Championship Title issue. Will I renew? Who knows, let’s see if the Boy’s in Green win in June, that will be my deciding factor. But with KG possibly out SI might need to start planning on sustaining without my subscription money. But I am not here to discuss basketball.

This may old news now, well not old, but one issue of SI outdated. Just goes to show how long I have procrastinated and debated with myself about why to even write this entry. One thing about me is really don’t care about the athletes personal lives beyond the field, unless it directly reflects on what they do on the field. Why do we as sport fans feel the need to know who Tom Brady and Tony Romo are dating; or what bar Johnny Heisman hangs out at with the socialite of the month. I feel if you want romance and drama watch soap operas.

That is 93.3% true, every once and a blue moon someone in the sports world does something news worthy off the field and it usually goes overlooked. File under, more people know the latest trend of sports stars tweeting then they do know that Kevin Garnett donated over 1 million dollars to help rebuild homes in New Orleans.

Ron Artest has long been a villain in the media, and sometimes rightfully so, once-upon-a-time he ran into the stands to fight a fan, choked his coach and tried to get a L.O.A. to promote his new CD. Bottomline he was a jerk, and everyone knows he dossier of bad deeds. The old saying, “Bad deeds don’t go unpunished” should have an asterisk that reads, “…and a good deed shall go unnoticed.” I will confess, when I saw the pictures this Christmas of Ron Artest playing Santa with the children of the Ronald McDonald House I had to chuckle thinking of his past. I laughed because I did not know his present.

Say what you will about “the old Ron Artest”, but this Artest is a changed man. Battling the cancer of a 5-year old daughter will do that to a father. His kindness doesn’t stop with the warm heart created by his daughter, Ronnie has found the art of philanthropy in helping the poor ridden areas of Kenya and promises to return.

There are people that say Artest has made changes because teams sign him to one year contracts and he can’t afford to blow up. But off season trips to Africa to help the poor and diseased does not earn you a paycheck, that pays through your soul. Muhammad Ali is one of the most loved sports figures in modern day, but remember it wasn’t long ago that he was the bad boy villain that fans loved to hate.

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