Nancy [Dis]Grace

So if you know me on any sense of a personal level then you would know I have a ten-month old child. If you don’t, you know now. There are many nights he will wake up in the middle of the night and we alternate who takes him, on the nights I draw the short straw I always seem to find myself stopping at least briefly on CNN and it always happens when this arrogant reporter, if you can call her that, is on air.

For the past few months she has continued to hash and rehash the Caylee Anthony murder. disGrace has this nickname for the accused mom, she refers to her as “Tot Mom.” I am unsure if she started this nickname or if she just uses it religiously on her show, but I have just never heard it used outside of her program. Whether she created it or not, shame on her, the name is disrespectful to the tragedy of a little girl and I hope karma returns her back tenfold with an on-air booger or something that humiliates her endlessly on TMZ or Perez Hilton until she resigns.

Each night she has some tiny audio bite from a jail house conversation with the parents or the recent incident with the grandfather that she dissects and speculates on to prove the Anthony Family’s guilty or complacency in the death of a child.

I never watch more then a minute, but it’s enough to make my stomach turn. As the mother of a young baby she should reevaluate how she would feel about media programs sensationalizing the death of her twins. A parent should be more sensitive to the respect of a child living or gone.

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