This is Who We Are

Christian Death Metal?

White Metal?


Why does it need a label, this is pure fist in your face M E T A L. Period.

There are a few concert DVDs that I own that I can watch over and over again:

Johnny Cash’s live concerts

Bob Dylan’s “Newport Music Fest” specials

Slayer’s War at the Warfield

Now add As I lay Dying’s “This is Who We Are” to the list. The concert is compiled from footage of several venues and festival acts to give a different experiences of their crowds and styles for the performances.

The DVD opens with small performances from the Seacoast Community Church and culminates with an encore at Wacken in Germany an annual “metalfest” that attracts 70,000 attendees a year.

1. “Falling Upon Deaf Ears” (Seacoast Community Church)
2. “Forever” (Seacoast Community Church)
3. “Meaning In Tragedy” (The Jumping Turtle)
4. “The Darkest Nights” (The Jumping Turtle)
5. “Separation” (The Grove of Anaheim)
6. “Nothing Left” (The Grove of Anaheim)
7. “An Ocean Between Us” (The Grove of Anaheim)
8. “Within Destruction” (The Grove of Anaheim)
9. “Forsaken” (The Grove of Anaheim)
10. “Distance Is Darkness” (The Grove of Anaheim)
11. “I Never Wanted” (The Grove of Anaheim)
12. “The Sound of Truth” (The Grove of Anaheim)
13. “94 Hours” (Cornerstone)
14. “Through Struggle” (Wacken Open Air)
15. “Reflection” (With Full Force Festival)
16. “Confined” (Wacken Open Air)

They made sure to include a bit from each album, the only song missing that I would have loved to have seen would have been, “Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier” off of Frail Words Collapse, in my opinion their best album to date. The other 2 DVDs in the 3 disc set are their collection of videos and a disc of interviews and a documentary on the band. Interesting for the big fan or the music buff at heart.

I have been lucky enough to catch them live and the only thing missing in this DVD is the sweat of a hot nightclub and the elbows in your eye socket from the pit.


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