Clone Wars _Season 1

Cartoon or not, this is some of the best storytelling in the cannon Extended Universe, for you normies that is anything outside of the six major films in the dual trilogies. The introduction of minor storyline characters is the flesh and blood of the series, everyone knows the eventual demise of Anakin and the fate of Padme, but what will become of the likes of Ahsoka Tano and why is she not in Episode III as is the same with many of the personalities that make this show sizzle with excitement.

The 22-episode season went by far to fast, catching the episode every Friday night followed by a DVR replay with my son during the weekend will be a new tradition quickly missed. We will still have repeats of the first season airing and an eventual DVD Box set that will surely be purchased, but next September’s return can not come fast enough.

The season had some amazing new character introductions:

Ziro the Hutt and his very fashionably gay attitude makes for a humorous clash when you really thing that Ziro is a Hutt which is a rather slimy and repulsive breed in the SW Universe.

The wacky little “rabbit” droids crack me up every time they make an onscreen appearance.

The mad scientist Dr. Nuvo Vindi may have seemed very clique, but we rarely see a good old fashion “I want to destroy the universe” character like The Brain of Pinky in the Brain fame.

My favorite character to be introduced into the season, and my one gripe that they held off until the finale was Cad Bane. Possibly the best bounty hunter in the EU and an obvious kick-ass homage to the gun fighters of the spaghetti westerns. Hopefully this will be a long run character for the series, who makes one hell of a dirty mark on the New Republic with his mischievous malice.

Twitter Update: waiting for the September RETURN UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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