Iraqi Tourism

Right now threre is a group made up of Americans and British folk roaming around Iraq from the Green-Zone in Bagdad to the Golden Dome of Samarra. These are not contractors, politicians, or even soldiers they are everyday citizens like you and I and they paid to be there. That is right, they are allowing tourism into Iraq.

If the Iraqi Government, who I am sure gets heavy influence from the Allied Forces including reps of America and Britian can agree that it is safe enough for tourism in Iraq I think they can agree it is time to start pulling the troops out of the line of fire from Iraqi militants who find sport in taking aim at soldiers.

The group leaves today after a 2 week stay without incidents of violence. This is the first time in 5 years that Westerners have toured Iraq without military deployment.

You got the green line from Reality: Askewed Barak, pull ’em out.

Shadows Fall – Another Hero Lost

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