Coming Soon, The Greatest Action Movie EVER

Ok, so I don’t know squat about The Expendables beyond the cast and the basic premise, but that is damn good enough for me to judge this movie by it’s cover. The bread and butter of the storyline is about team of mercenaries who head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator, I am sure ther is no stellar dialog, a handful of humorous one liners and more ass kicking then they can fit into 94 minutes from action to that’s a wrap.

So right about now you are asking yourself, “Obi why is this movie so great? What sets The Expendables aside from 14 different action movies that come out every summer?”

Since you asked I will tell you, Writer and Director Sylvester Stallone hired basically every action star who is anyone to take part as his team of mercenaries. How does this list float your fancy?

Sly Stallone

Mickey Rourke

Dolph Lundgren

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jason Statham

Forrest Whitaker

Danny Trejo

Eric Roberts

Jet Li

Any guy is foaming at the mouth right now, all the girls are saying, oh the guy that played Bubba in Forest Gump. How can you miss out, Jet and Statham killed in War, Sly and Ahnold hooked up to own the 1980’s action genre, Trejo is just amazing, as well as Whitaker and it’s nice to see Dolph is working again. Personally I am going to see if I can go in a coma to make time fly by until 2010 when they release this monster…. I am so worked up I could kick a cat right now.

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