Miss Ya Ya Meets the Grammys

Why would I use a title that sounds like the beginning of a children’s book to describe the weekend of a musician? Because this is just the beginning of a great story. Miss Ya Ya aka Yahaira not only happens to be a great artist/singer, but also the baby sister of my best friend, so I have been lucky enough to hear of her success since her high school days when she sang in choirs and he would brag about her budding talent.

Miss Ya Ya’s first big commercial break came when she was a contestant for Gigantes del Manana on the variety show Sabado Gigante a competition similar to American Idol on UniVision.

A year later she tried out and made the cut for Making the Band 3 a reality show created by Puff Daddy (P. Diddy or Diddy I forget what he was going by at the time). The goal was to become part of Diddy’s “girl band/super-group” while also battling a whacked out den mother named Jason Williams. Miss Ya Ya made it to the final episode and nearly the final cut but as fate would have it she was eliminated.

Like I said fate… shortly after she MtB3 Miss Ya Ya went on to reform DLG (Dark Latin Groove) with James da Barba (pictured above[R] with Miss Ya Ya [C] & DJ Napoles[L]). The album did well by consumer standard reaching #4 on the Latin Chart; as it did equally well critically being nominated for a Grammy in 2009 for Best Tropical Album.

Unfortunately they did not win a Grammy, but Miss Ya Ya was voted one of the Top 10 Best Dressed at the Grammys and is currently blowing away the competition in reader voting at a Fashion Website.

Vote Here: http://fashionista101.com/home/2009/02/08/top-10-best-dressed-at-the-grammys/

Watch their music video

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