Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars released a production video of their upcoming game The Old Republic, a MMORPG branch-off from the Knights of the Old Republic series.

The game looks go if you ask me, but I am not sure I will ever end up playing it because it is scheduled to be a PC only release, but should they co-build it for the console systems I will most surely rip up the SW Universe.

I have tried World of Warcraft and was never able to get interested in the fantasy world that so reminds me of a Tolkein-esk world. I gues it comes from being forced to read The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings novels in school. I grew up loving to read, just not anything that was “assigned,” homework sure can take all the fun out of a hobby.

Hey Mr. Leblanc, thanks for never assigning our class to read anything from Stephen King, I sure do enjoy reading his works to this day.

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