BEST VIDEO GAME OF ’08: The Force Unleashed on one hand, Dead Space on the other

In one sense I can’t put Force Unleashed down, there is something about blowing out airlocks and watching Storm Troopers being sucked into the void of space and tossing them into the path of in coming tie fighters that is terribly addicting. The game has a easy to learn control scheme and for a Star Wars fan it is amazing to be a one man Imperial wrecking crew. Filling in a formerly unstoried time in the SW Universe was great move.

On the other, Deep Space scared the ever living shit out of me. Not with cheesy scare tactics, but with a Pavlov-like conditioning. Early in the game the mutants would jump out of dark corners, vents or charge around corners, then there would be a moratorium where they made noise, but were unseen. So you couldn’t prepare yourself for when they would strike. Not to mention the creative fashion in which you had to dismember your enemies to stop them, instead of the classic hack and slash FPS style. I really enjoyed the story, up until the end, I think the writers sort of dropped the ball and could have wrapped it up a bit more creative. But I can’t complain too much as it was worth every cent to watch the tale twist and turn up until the final confrontation.

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