BEST MOVIE OF ’08: Gran Torino

Gran Torino came out at the very tail end of 2008, but if you have been lucky enough to have seen this film yet you know what I am talking about. Clint Eastwood continues to put out some of his best work in his wanning years.

The basic premise follows Walt Kowalski a retired autoworker and Korean War hero who recently lost his wife and is trying to just live quietly while his selfish family tries to pillage the few things of value in his home, and only talk to him when they want something. Then the Hmong gang roles into his life long neighborhood and fucks with the wrong old man… and he goes Dirty Harry on them.

Beyond one of Walt’s children and the family priest I don’t recognize any of the cast from other projects. The cast of unknowns helps add a touch of realism to great story.

Don’t put off seeing this movie, the longer you wait the harder you will kick yourself when you finally do because you will have realize what you have been missing for so long.

Movies about redemption seem to come easy for Clint, and this one is no different. Possibly the best work of his career, acting or directing.

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