Lucas Gets it Right….Finally!

If you are old enough to have seen the original Star Wars you will understand the following. When I say original I mean the originals, not the re-release special editions of the 90s with some horrible additions and changes. But this isn’t a blog to gripe about how the SEs were done in err.

The announcement of a prequel had many fans that grew up on Star Wars salivating like a pack of hungry dogs is an unattended steakhouse. But many were disappointed, and not because the movies were bad, more so because they did not compare up to the predecessors unreachable standards.

In the Phantom Menace people despised Jar Jar Binks and seen him as the modern day reincarnation of the ewok debacle all over again. Though in Episode I’s defense I did garner a whole new appreciation for the film and the depths that Palpatine went to manipulate Anakin after seeing the 3rd chapter. I still hate Jar Jar, and was not a huge fan of the CGI model of Yoda and Jake Lloyd’s acting.

Attack of the Clones was a pretty solid film, but relied more on CGI action then a good story. Kudos to the Yoda redo. And the breakout of Natalie Portman as a galactic godess to rival and in my opinion surpassed Carrie Fisher.

Revenge of the Sith was great and the saving grace of the saga that matched that of the original trilogy. Lucas tied together the Emperor’s scheme nicely and explained his manipulation of Anakin all the way to placing the boy on Tatooine and leading the jedi to him, only to be tormented into becoming a sith.

The first run of Clone Wars was virtually unknown and at 7 minutes the episodes barely had a chance to evolve. But a nice filler while waiting for Episode III’s release.

A few years ago Lucas announced he had plans for an animated and official redux of the Clone Wars series and a live action bounty hunter show to come later. This summer we got our first taste of the Clone Wars when LucasArts turned the first few episodes into a feature length film released in August. The movie was worth the wait and gave good cause to think the series would be equally as entertaining. Personally, I was a little displease with the style of character animation, but the quality of story telling made me forget my minor dislike in absolutely no time. And learning that writes of Star Wars Tales would be contributing to the episodes only further raised my interests.

In October the series debuted on Cartoon Network and led off with “Ambush” a sort of learning lesson for the clones that foreshadowed a lesson he would later teach Luke in Empire that looks can be deceiving. The multi-episode “Malevolence” saga followed and I did find it slightly mundane because it could have been tied into one episode and seemed to drag.

The next batch of episodes all fulfilled Lucas’ promise that the series would separate from the major characters and tell the story though the experiences of non-traditional and newly created characters. My guess is they eased into the transition so not to scare off people with immediate change and the unknown. This past Friday they really hit the nut flush with the episode “Cloak of Darkness.” and the previews for “Lair of Grievous” look equally as enticing. The departure from Anakin and ObiWan and fousing on Luminara and Kit Fisto is a change of scenery and opens of loads of backstory and character development that hasn’t been rehashed mountains of times. The only drawback to this series is it is constricted to the confinds of the Clone Wars timetable. This means we know that the major characters will survive as well as characters like Ashoka and Ventress will meet their demise or vanish so not to disrupt the Revenge of the Sith storyline.

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